Holbein Watercolour Paint Sample Spot Sheet or Dot Card | 38 Dots of Paint to Try Out


A Holbein Sample Card with 38 watercolour dot to try the colours. Includes D, E, and F series!

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So you want to try some watercolour paint? Here is something you can use to try several different colours before you commit $12 to $40 a tube!

This item is a sheet of watercolour paper measuring roughly 9″ x 6″ which has 38 (or 40) dots of Holbein watercolours for use and testing. Each dot is labelled with its name, lightfastness, series, HWC number, and pigment(s).

There are 14 Series A, 5 Series B, 8 (or 10, if we included the Cadmium Greens) Series C, 5 Series D, 4 Series E, and 2 Series F on this sheet. This sheet contains Cadmium and Cobalt colours.

Note: You will receive the item pictured as-is. There are technically 40 dots, but the Cadmium Green Deep and Cadmium Green Pale only gave me binder for the dot for a while, so I cannot in good conscience claim those to be proper dots.

Also, please observe the size of the dots. I have taken pictures at several angles to show the sizes and heights of the dots.

Thank you for looking.

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 1 in


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